Jailbreaking iPod Touch/ iPhone on Firmware 2.0/ 2.0.1

Jailbreaking on 2.0 and 2.0.1 involves “pwning” your iPod. It again is quite simple.

Firstly, freashly restore your iPod Touch/ iPhone onto 2.0 or 2.0.1.

Download pwnagetool for macs and winpwn for windows users and install the programs (NOTE: If you have a previous version of either on your computer, you must fully uninstall the previous version before installing the newer one)

I shall start with the windows version winpwn.

WInpwn (Windows)

Open up the program and click browse .ipsw. Locate your 2.0/ 2.0.1 update and click on it. Then click on IPSW Builder where you select to have Cydia and Installer (Make sure you select Cydia as well as installer or by its own because Installer is buggy becasue still in beta). You then select YouTube Activation Fix only if you have an iPhone not connected with AT&T. Then click on Partition Resizer and I recommend you set it to 550mb but you dont have to.

Then click on custom images and you can change your boot logo and restore logo. You can ignore the Custom Payloads tap.

If you have an iPhone click advanced. Since i dont have one i have no idea what they do so I have copied info about that from here.

iPhone only, select settings under Advanced for your iPhone

  • If you have a legit contract with your iPhone carrier (like AT&T) uncheck Activate Phone and continue to step 6 – if you don’t uncheck it you will have no signal when complete.
  • If you have a 3G iPhone then all the options under that Advanced tab having to do with unlocking will be greyed out because it’s not possible to unlock the 3G phone yet.

Select the setting you want to unlock your iPhone. At the very least in order to unlock, you must select Activate Phone, Enable Baseband update, Neuter bootloader 3.9/4.6 and Unlock baseband. (you will also want to probably select Autodelete Bootneuter.app)

Click on the Bootloader 3.9 file button and select bl39.bin file and then click the Bootloader 4.6 file button and select the bl46.bin file

Below will explain what each thing does.

  • Enable baseband update – Determines if the baseband update should be enabled in the custom ipsw. Only check this button if you wish to update the baseband modem portion of your iPhone. Warming! This may remove previous baseband unlocks or other modifications that have been previously made. If in doubt leave it unchecked.
  • Neuter bootloader – This will enable “Bootneutering” to the baseband firmware allowing custom firmware to be installed onto the iPhone baseband by convincing the iPhone that it is secure. Arbitrary secpacks and fls files will be accepted when the device is in this state. In order to use these features you will need to locate the two bootloader files. Please note, these files are not shipped with Pwnage Tool.
    • Under the BootNeuter checkbox will present two new options that are selectable these are –

      • Updrade to 4.6 NB: Unless you understand this option you should avoid it.
      • Downgrade to 3.9 NB: Unless you understand this option you should avoid it.
  • Unlock baseband – This will enable the unlocking of the baseband to all networks using a custom “software unlock” process. This should be used if you plan to use a SIM card from a carrier other than the one provided by your original iPhone carrier.”

After that, click build ipsw, choose where it saves the files (I recommend desktop) and then let it work, don’t touch your computer while it works. When its done, click OK and plug in your iPod if you havnt already. Click on iPwner and let it work. Again don’t touch your computer while it works. When its done it will say your iTunes has been pwned.

Open up iTunes and shift+restore and click on your custom firmware. It takes a while to update to 2.0 so dont get worried, can take up to 20 mins.

Pwnage Tool (Macs)

Since I dont have a Mac i am going to copy a guide from here

Alright, once you’ve downloaded the 2.0 firmware it’s time to launch PwnageTool by double-clicking the icon you extracted from the PwnageTool Download.

Click OK when the Copyright screen pops up.

Click the left image of the iPhone labeled ‘iPhone’. Then click the arrow button located in the bottom right corner.

On the next screen, PwnageTool will look for the 2.0 .ipsw file. If you let iTunes download it, or correctly placed it where I told you earlier (~/Library/Itunes/Iphone Software Updates), after about 30 seconds PwnageTool should find the .ipsw file and list it in the window. Click it then click the arrow in the bottom right to move on.

Click Yes on the dialog window below.

pwnagetool create ipsw

If you wish to unlock your phone click No if you are a valid AT&T user and simply wish to jailbreak your iPhone click Yes.

legit iphone user

When it asks for the Bootloader v3.9 file, click No to the web searching, and instead then click Yes to browse on your comptuer to where you downloaded it earlier.

Do the same thing for the v4.6 bootloader file.

PwnageTool will now ask you where you want to save your custom .ipsw file to. Default is fine, but if you’d like to rename it and save elsewhere that’s fine.

PwnageTool will then begin to create your custom iPhone firmware. You’ll see the Building IPSW screen for a good 2-3 minutes.

Around halfway through the creation process you will see a window pop up, followed by OS X prompting for your password. This is necessary for PwnageTool to build the custom firmware, go ahead and input your password and click OK.

PwnageTool will ask if your iPhone has been previously pwned (and still is). If you aren’t sure, just click No, that is fine. If you know for sure its been Pwned and still is, click Yes.

Now we need to enter DFU mode to continue.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to do so. Please do these EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY, and WHEN THEY SAY. Timing is very important on this step.

Note: If you have any errors with entering DFU mode, open Terminal on your Mac (Applications/Utilities>Terminal.app) and run the following commands (You can just copy/paste straight from here, with a Return/Enter after each line):

cd ~/
mkdir “Library/iTunes/Device Support”

then try again.

Assuming you did it right, you will see the success message. Click OK.

Exit PwnageTool with Apple+Q or use the Exit button in the top right corner.

Now, pull up iTunes. You should see the following message:

Click OK. Now, hold down the option key on your keyboard and click ‘Restore’ in iTunes while holding it down.

Note: It is important you hold down the option key while clicking ‘Restore’.

Assuming you did that correctly, a window should pop up asking you which .ipsw file you’d like to restore from. Select the one we just created with PwnageTool. If you left it default, it should be sitting on your desktop and be named iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw or something similar. Click Open.

iTunes will now run through its typical flurry of windows and notifications while updating the firmware.

You should now see the window stating your iPhone was restored to factory settings you can then click OK.

Wait for iTunes to see the iPhone before disconnecting.

Once the iPhone starts up for the first time, you might see BootNeuter 2.0 start up and let you know its going to flash the baseband and unlock your iPhone. When this is done it will return you to the new 2.0 homescreen.”

There you have a newly jailbroken 2.0/ 2.0.1 iPod Touch/ iPhone.

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