Cool New App “”

A cool new app has been released by a27 dev team for 2.0. It is a simple app that lets you change the name of any of your apps. You can get it from a27’s repo on the Installer beta, just add to your source list or install manually.

55.5 KB 100.7 KB

To install manually, extract the from the .zip and then place it in /Applications, and copy and paste these commands into terminal or putty:

chmod -R 755 /Applications/
chmod +s /Applications/

Download Link: CLICK ME

3 Responses to “Cool New App “””

  1. Randy Says:

    Do you know if this procedure works with the current 2.2.1 iPhone OS code? I can get the app to the iPhone, but it is not selectable (visible, but does nothing) from the Springboard.

  2. psp2468 Says:

    It should work on 2.2.1.
    Did you enter the codes in Terminal or Putty?

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