MobileScrobbler is being Ported for 2.0

Good news fans. Schyler and some, as he puts it, irc cats have been working on a daemon that scrobbles tracks on your iPod Touch/iPhone. Cant wait 🙂

Schyler on iPod Touch Fans says,

“I have been working on a little side project lately with a couple of the irc cats. If you read the thread title, you’ll know that is is a port of MobileScrobbler to the iPhoneOS 2.0 platform. Please note, we are not working with the original coder whatsoever.

Right now, we are not porting over the actual MobileScrobbler player. That is handled very well by the actual app available from the appstore. This is only the scrobbler itself. That is, it is the daemon that reports your music played to the server.

Proof that it is fully working: I hardly ever scrobble music from my computer.


  • Sam Steele – Creating the Outstanding original application for the 1.x platform.
  • member eric for the actual port.
  • SkylarEC – The Settings bundle; MediaPlayer fanagling assistance.”

Via iPod Touch Fans

EDIT: Its out guys! See here

3 Responses to “MobileScrobbler is being Ported for 2.0”

  1. jas Says:

    nice! i’ve been missing the scrobbling action on 2.0…

  2. bt Says:

    yeah same, can’t wait for the new release! 😀

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