Super Smash Bros Homebrew Clone on PSP

A brilliant homebrew clone of the hit game Super Smash Bros has been developed by a developer called Matkeupon and with help from evildragon and solarice. It has 25 charactors, 7 levels and 3 different playing modes but no multiplayer yet.


-Connect your PSP to your computer via USB,
-Take your PSP in USB mode “with the option” USB Connection ”
-Right click on the file you downloaded,
-Choose “Extract the files …”, (WinRAR is recommended)
-Choose destination as the letter assigned to your PSP
by the system.
-Press OK and wait for the extraction of files
-Leave the “USB Mode” of your PSP,
-Go to the menu Thursday> Memory Stick to launch Super Smash Bros. PSP


directional pad: Move / skip
x: Collect an object / strike
^[]: Jump
L : With ball to (protect)

Download it here
Via Consolespot


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