How to get jailbroken apps on a non-jailbroken iPod! (2.0.2) – Doesn’t work

Ezra from iPod Touch Fans has found out something very interesting,

He says,

“This has not yet been confirmed…

I need someone who is about to restore, to try this.

If it works, I can try to package Cydia into an .ipa!!!

  • Make sure you are on a JailBroken iPod/iPhone.
  • Copy MobileInstallation to:
  • And replace the patched MobileInstallatiion with the regular one. Permissions 755, reboot.
  • Now, download AppFlow.ipa (A cydia app in an ipa).
  • Open it up, and sync it your your iPod/iPhone.
  • Now, sync your iPod/iPhone. (NOTE: your MUST let it backup your device.)
  • Now, restore you iPod/iPhone to 2.0.2.
  • Backup as previous “Name”.
  • Your device should reboot… AppFlow is on your springboard.

WARNING: This has NOT been confirmed yet.

If this works, then I developed a new jailbreaking method


  • r0bop0lo – Discovering how to get apps into an .ipa.
  • Ezra K. – Everything else

As it says, its too be confirmed and I will edit when the verdict arrives.


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