Books for the Stanza Application

Have you got the App Store app called Stanza and need books for it. Someone1guy has got a website that allows you to download books straight to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Heres what Someone1guy says,

“Hello All,

Firmware 2.0+ is now supported and the PRIMARY means of releasing new books.

How to access books on my source:
1- Install “Stanza” reader in AppStore
2- On your IPod, visit
3- Click a link to the book you want to read
4- It will automatically launch Stanza, download the book and open it.
5- Read book and enjoy.

IF you want access my books thru Stanza’s In-App Browser:

  1. Go to your Ipod’s Settings Icon (not Stanza’s)
  2. Scroll down and click “Stanza
  3. Click “Advanced
  4. In the Primary Online Catalog block erase whatever is written there
  5. Then enter: (make sure auto-correct doesn’t change “stanza.xml” to “stanza.XML”)
  6. Open Stanza and go to “Online Catalog“, at the top of the list you should see “Someone1guy’s Master List”
  7. Click that and browse/download to hearts content!

ALL NEW RELEASES will be for 2.0+ in the future.

I will be keeping the 1.1.3-1.1.5 repo operating as long as practical, but no new releases/updates will occur from here on.

How to contribute a book.
If you want a book on the website, it’ll get on there sooner if you can provide a copy of it. Otherwise, I’ll try to post it up when possible.


Via iPodTouchFans

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