Theme: A Gorgeous Theme called Picnic!

Mattrich from MacThemes has released an outstandingly beautiful theme called Picnic.

He says,

Three weeks ago, I decided to make an iPhone theme, but did not realize just how much work it was smile_worried
So after an intense WIP thread with a lot of help from the community, I got it together, namely helped by:
Luckeychild, Vibestar, Alistair (YouTube icon), tipii, stuartjmoore (phone icon), iKiller (iTunes store icon), alxmarcond, emb531, danemer, and everyone else who posted in the WIP thread.. You were a huge help!
And a special thanks to David Lanham, whose amazing work inspired me to get into design big_smile

There are also iPhone icons included, i just don’t have an iPhone.
And i suggest you use transparent labels..
I’ve also provided a PSD template, please release all icons in this thread, and no 5 minute jobs please..
I’m very open to any changes, so let me know..

Vibestar’s icons:

Also checkout his site:

Alistair’s badges:

CLICK ME to download!

EDIT: A icon pack of 120+ icons: DOWNLOAD

EDIT2: To see all the icons seperately: CLICK ME

Via MacThemes

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