iUtilities: Usefully Theme Windows Application

Joshrose54 has released an Application called iUtilities that allows you to theme your iPod Touch/iPhone with ease. He says,

Some of you may remember the app that was “iPodUtil” which was coded by a team. The app was a coplete failure and after many problems the team split. But instead of giving up, i went back to the drawing board with the half made app and re-coded it. Lots of it now uses USB rather than SSH but SSH is still used a little. This is the first Public Beta and hopefully all the bugs will be ironed out first time and a second Beta may not be needed:

Current features:

  1. Main backup window supporting 13 USB backups and 2 SSH backups
  2. The ability to backup absolutely any folder/file as long as you know where it is
  3. Permission changer for files or folders
  4. Decrypt apple images
  5. Put all devices (exc. iPod 2g) into recovery mode
  6. Download any firmware
  7. Download any version of iTunes back down to 7.4
  8. One Click string editor
  9. Autpupdater

Up and Coming features:

  1. Convert the pwner to work with 2.1
  2. Applicationd downloader and Auto Installer
  3. Convert EVERYTHING to USB and remove SSH for good
  4. Add in a full terminal (The terminal is already coded, but u want to save it for the first non-beta)

Please Note: This is designed for firmware 2.1, but will most likely work on any 2.x firmware.

You must also have iTunes Installed..

A new version is here, it should fix the issue with it being to big for the screen and i have also added validation so it knows if you are connected or not and only allows you to run certain process if you are connected. The program now contains an auto updater so you will always no when to get the latest version

Josh Rose – coder
Gatzy118 – Helped with manzana (iconnect/manzana_helper)
Simon – base app
Bklyjava – GUI


29773 29774 29775

29776 29777 29778

To download CLICK ME

Via iPodTouchFans

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