Mewseek and PwnPlayer Released on Cydia

Errick as promised has released his 2.0 version of iSlsk called Mewseek and the PwnPlayer Beta 5 onto Cydia.

Errick says,

PwnPlayer Beta 5 and MewSeek (the new iSlsk for 2.x firmware) are now available on Cydia.

A few remarks about these releases:

– PwnPlayer is still on its early development stages and it might still not work as fast and stable than the stock player, but it is continuously being improved as you read this message.

– MewSeek is only was released only for experimental and testing purposes. I admit it is not quite stable yet and I also had to disable a few features temporarily until I find better ways to implement them (e.g. the “Downloads” screen, the ability to prevent Wi-Fi from disconnecting when locking the device, and a few others). However, the core and basic features are working as seen in iSlsk.

– PwnPlayer website has been also launched: If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to report a bug please refer to PwnPlayer forum. Don’t e-mail me.

– I also created a temporary forum for MewSeek. Go post all everything related there.

Finnally, I’d like to say this week was just insane. I’ve been sleeping about 4-5 hours everyday and now I just need some “rest”. That is, I’ll be absent for the next two weeks because I’m heading to the US to attend a few business meetings and also going on holidays in New York. During these days there won’t be any updates, I will probably not reply any e-mails, however you will still see me around in the forums (that’s why I’m strongly encouraging you to use them instead of e-mailing me)

Thank you very much for your patience and see you soon!”


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