iHalo: A Halo Mod For Quake4iPhone

BusDriver on Zodttd’s forums has released a Quake4iPhone mod that makes it seem like your playing Halo on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Here is what he wrote,


i have removed the link because it contains a small piece of content that the developer (hey, i said i didnt make all the maps) would like to keep private until a certain time. sorry.

No screen is available yet, BUT this map is he early beginnings of the A10 map of Halo: CE -The Pillar Of Autumn. I BELIEVE that i can make some makeshift cutscenes for it eventually. The levels will be downloaded in sections, and as someone has recently pointed out, they will eventually install differently. You will need to ssh and set permissions for the future final campaign versions. but for now, install as if below.

DOWNLOAD LATEST BETA- ‘Last Resort’ Map 2.3.1

Yes, its here. after much deliberation, i have finished the Last Resort map. Xynetor has provided some real badass sounds, and i also updated the models/configuartion. Same dumb elite bots, but in my opinion, alot more options to play it with. No screen avaiable yet.



Original map… Hell if I know, i got bored with no map, so i made this. Enjoy, next original map will blow you away! (next map will be made mostly by a relativly old member who has only posted on this thread… once…. BE AMAZED!!!)


keep in mind, the error you get when you play it is due to the fact that XYNETORS SOUNDS WERENT IN 8 BIT MONO WAVE. so dont complain, but enjoy the new look. Otherwise, download the FULL sound version, which xynetor has fixed for me. KUDOS TO YOU XYNETOR!


This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024×768.


THE MAP IS SANDTRAP. Yes, the Halo 3 Map we all love and adore, but it does miss several key elements such as Elephants. This release includes 2 not-so-hidden easter eggs, GRENADES!!!, Overshield, Active Camo, new logo and more bots. Unfortunately, they STILL do not respawn… well, the groundplan is laid, but for some reason you cant use the reaper bots yet. for info on how to use them ( if you want to do some trouble shooting of your own) refer to pages 19-22.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024×768.

Install instructions-
A)install quake4iphone from default cydia source
B1)replace the quake4iphone folder with the one included in the mod, and set permissions. THIS OPTION ROCKS
B2)replace just the ID1 folder, controller.cfg and controller.png, files into the quake4iphone directory. You dont need to set permissions for this, but it does not works anywhere near as well as option b1, so B1 users will know what i mean, hopefully) But option B2 will probably be the most common workin option, since permissions dont have to be set.

Ok, I am a UBER HARD CORE HALO FAN!!! Everything I own is Halo-ified. iPod Touch, PSP, PC, Laptop, Phone, Clock, Room, even bookshelf. So, I have decided to do a TOTAL CONVERSION OF QUAKE4iPHONE TO BECOME iHALO. The only problem… is that I cannot seem to find the quake4iphone Cydia Package to put my mod into. It is still in the beta stages, but I am close to releasing a Demo featuring the First Campaign Level of iHalo (Identical to Halo CE). So far everyone who has SSH’ed my mod has not had sucess, and only a few have got it to work with iPhoneBrowser, so I thought I should find a way to host it as a package. If someone could please lend a hand, either with the original quake4iphone package, or someone knows how to code/mod quake, please let me know. I would like all the help I can get.

iHalo Beta Campaign as of about 2 weeks ago


One Response to “iHalo: A Halo Mod For Quake4iPhone”

  1. robots199 Says:

    How Do I move the files to my jailbroken ipod?

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