Changes in Revision3’s Program Lineup

Revision3 are having alot of changes at the moment. Sarah Lane, Martin Sargent, Jay Speiden, Glenn Mcelhose, and Heather Fran are all loosing their jobs. Here’s Revision3 post announcing all of these changes:

“As any student of media knows, birthing new media can be a tremendously fun, engaging and rewarding endeavor, but it’s also rarely a straight shot to success.

15 years ago we were posting magazine articles to the web; fast forward to today and it has morphed into blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

You’ve got to try a lot of different things to figure out what works. And the metrics for success also shift as the medium evolves. What’s right in the beginning often isn’t the best long-term solution.

We’ve had a number of great successes here at Revision3, including Diggnation, Tekzilla and The Totally Rad Show. But not everything pans out. Just as in the past, when we ended shows that just weren’t building audiences or driving revenue, we had to make changes. As you may have heard, today we had to make some tough staffing decisions as we ended the run of a few of our shows.

For our long-running Photoshop show Pixel Perfect, it’s the end of a show that’s done over a hundred episodes, and delivered essentially a graduate level course in graphic design and technique. For PopSiren and Internet Superstar, it’s the end of 2 shows that had great promise, but never really found their audience.

For two of the shows, we’re simply stopping our distribution agreement, but the shows will live on. You’ll still be able to watch Epic Fu, and Wine Library, both at their own sites, and through new and existing distribution partnerships. Epic Fu will be available on Revision3 through mid December, Wine Library ends its Revision3 run today. We remain huge fans of these two shows, even though they don’t fit our long-term plans at Revision3.

All past episodes of these shows, as well as all other shows no longer in production, will still be available for download from in our show archives.

Even though we’re sad to see these shows end on Revision3, in today’s economic climate it’s essential for us to focus on what we do best, and where the best opportunity for success lie.

We’re continuing to develop and invest in new properties. We launched seven new shows last month, for instance, on Revision3 Beta, and we’ve got high hopes for an expanded lineup there – and seeing some of that first crop graduate to Revision3.

We’ll be talking more about 2008 and plans for 2009 over the coming weeks. Until then, join me in thanking these show teams for bringing their insight and entertainment to Revision3, and wishing them well in their new efforts.”

Here is what Kevin Rose had to say about all of it:

When creating Revision3 some 3.5yrs ago, the first thing we did was seek out the best producers and talent available – people I had worked with in the past at TechTV – people like Sarah Lane, Martin Sargent, Jay Speiden, Glenn Mcelhose, and Heather Frank.  So it was a sad thing to get a call from Jim Louderback (Revision3’s CEO) last night, letting me know these people would be without jobs due to Revision3 cutting costs as the economy goes sideways.

To Sarah, Martin, Damon, Jay, Glenn, Gary, Bert, Heather, Zadi/Steve, and any others involved w/the shows, I’d gladly work with you anytime and I wish you nothing but the best. I’ll miss you guys.


Just thought I would share this with all you guys because a few of my podcast are sadly coming to an end. Firstly the Russell Brand podcast and now Internet Superstar 😦

Via Revison3 & Kevin Roses Blog

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