Plugin to View Flash Videos on iPhone/iPod Touch

EPOD619 has released a plugin that allows you to view flash videos on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Here is what he said:

“I found a plugin to view Flash Video! Yes I’m a noob here and joined this forum specifically to give you all this great plugin that I have installed in my iTouch.

Make sure your connected to WiFi

Step 1 Goto and register.

Note: Use a correct email because you have to confirm registration by checking the activation email sent to you. (you don’t have to register but if you want to view more than 20 seconds of video play I suggest you register)

Note: Your email is kept confidential so you will not receive spam.

Note: Make sure for your birthday you put that you are over 18 so that your viewing is not limited.

Step 2 Check your mail/Open the activation mail sent from Livebuster “Click Activation” Your are now activated.

Step 3 Close your email page/go back to the Livebuster screen. “Click How To”.

Note: From this point gives you the necessary information on “How to” finish installing the plug in. But I will continuing to step you through it so you have no trouble.

Step 4 Tap “+ Button”/Add Bookmark/Name it “Flash”.

Step 5 Go back to Bookmarks page/Tap “Edit” and choose your “Flash” Bookmark you just added.

Note: You are going to edit the URL of the Livebuster Flash player.

Note: This is the most important step and somewhat tricky so follow carefully.

Note: Please carefully read Step 6 and its Note so that you understand what you are going to delete before proceeding with Step 6.

Note: You should be in Bookmarks/Edit/Flash. You should see http://www.iphone.livebuster.comect. blah blah!

Step 6 Tap that URL till your magnifying glass appears and scroll to the left of Javescript:window… and hold the delete button on your keyboard.

Note: The URL should appear like this javascript:window.location.href=’http://iphone…

Step 7 Now goto to any site that requires Flash video

Step 8 When you choose a video on any site this will appear “you need Javasrcipt turned on” or “you have a old version of a wflash player” Don’t worry simply open up Bookmarks/Choose “Flash”.

Because it is in Safari you can watch it in Landscape or Portrait mode.”


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