OSX Leopard with Widgets on your iPod Touch/iPhone


Bear Hunter has posted an amazing OSX impersination theme for your iPod Touch/iPhone. It even has all the fancy widgets included. Heres what he wrote,

RE-RELEASE: Plug and play version which includes multiple wallpapers with all widgets, and multiple wallpapers with just the Calendar and Weather widgets.  If you want to make adjustements such as adjusting widget size, color, position, you must download the PSD file located at the bottom of this post and have a working knowledge of Photoshop.  You can download a trial copy of Photoshop directly from Adobe.com

Plug and Play Links

Plug and Play OSX Leopard with Widgets


Don’t forget that the README files in the PSD downloads contains the links to the Artists websites that contain the  Blackout Icons and other icons in my screenshots

To convert “.icns” files to “.png” Simply open up the “icns” file with the Preview Application and save it as a “.png” file.

Thank you to mr. sparky who took the time and effort to help out


1.  Razor90 for his wonderful dock and art work…in addition to giving me permission to include it in this modified theme:  You can find his dock here: MacThemes Forum / [10.5 dock] Al Reflect and his webpage is located here: Mac-Ray on deviantART

2. kevinandersson for his fantastic wallpapers and giving permission to bundle it up in this modified theme.  You can find his wallpapers here:  MacThemes Forum / [Wallpaper] A greener Apple ,   MacThemes Forum / [Wallpaper] Aqua Apple , and his webpage which is located here: Icon designer Kevin Andersson – kevinandersson.dk – Wallpapers, UI design and Icons

3. Allbrokeup for his fantastic wallpapers from his theme deBlaq and also providing them in other colors.  Link to his work can be found here: MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service

4. Psychopulse for his classic wallpapers see first image below.  His wallpapers can be found at this link: MacThemes Forum / [Walls] Some new/old walls , and his homepage is located here: Psychopulse on deviantART

5. kano89 for his fantastic wood and fire wallpapers.  His wallpapers can be found here: MacThemes Forum / [Wall] iBurn and here: MacThemes Forum / [Wall] Wooden Wall His homepage is located here and has a lot of other great work: kano89 on deviantART

6.  The original creator of the Leopard Theme (I am assuming that is “therealduckie” or toomuchcaffeine).  Not sure who the original creator is or if they use different screen names on different sitesi, please correct me if you know.  The amount of work and forethought put into the original theme really gave me the inspiration for the add-ons.  The original theme can be found here:

[Ultimate Leopard 3.0] The definitive Leopard theme, now for firmware 2.0! – iPod touch Fans forum

7.  The Artists located in “Mac Releases”.  Their work is incredible and I use this source IOT try to keep things looking current.  Still waiting for a few replies for permission

MacThemes Forum / Mac Releases

8.  Aldwin for the original calendar plist that he supplied for Tenius theme.

9.  Katra’s Weather Theme for the outstanding weather icons, also available for download on Cydia

10. Ice9812 for providing the resized weather icons from Katra

11.  Whoever wrote the original code for the 6 day forecast and myopia.

12.  Reako who is attempting to modify the the calendar code to display the separator on the calendar widget. Still a Work in Progress….if anyone can help it would be much appreciated

13. jabbawalkee who Beta-Tested the package and took the time to ensure my instructions were clear.  He also suggested that I include a sample theme folder structure which would help people new to themes understand how it is supposed to look


I’ve had a quite a few requests to post my version which includes widgets for the Leopard theme.  This is my attempt….please understand that I am no artist, nor am I in any sort of design field.

My goal was to utilize available space on the home screen to encompass everything for max usability, and having applications and information immediately available while still maintaining the Leopard look and feel.

As stated, this package contains add-ons to the current Leopard theme.  You can download the original theme linked above in my credits….or you can use the example [folder theme structure] included in this package and build it yourself.  Blank applications can be downloaded through Cydia by using the “Steffwiz” source in Cydia.  They are also available in the original Leopard theme linked above.  Example – Blank applications allow you to position your hard drive to the right without having anything visible to the left.

I have included very detailed instructions and provided images within each “README” file, so there should be no question on what you need to do.  It was written so someone who has limited knowledge can apply this theme with no problem.  This includes applying the enclosed theme folder structure and building your theme yourself.

OSX Leopard Add-Ons:

Widgets and Mods available for use in Master PSD.  All items can be resized and re-colored at will.

1.  Aluminum Taskbar with spaces icon
2. Glass Taskbar with spaces icon (spaces icon is removable)
3. Leopard Calendar Widget
4. Calculator Widget Original
5. Calculator Widget Blackout
6. iTunes Widget Original
7. iTunes Widget Blackout
8. Leopard Calendar Widget (The left portion is for your actual Calendar app: info.plist included)
9. DVD Player Blackout
10. DVD Player Original
11. Yellow/White Pages Search Bar Blackout
12. Yellow/White Pages Search Bar Original
13. Google Maps Search Bar Blackout
14. Google Maps Search Bar Original
15. Front Row Original
16. Colored and Black Status Notifier icons
17. Apple Signal Indicators (both classic and retro)
18. Dock and indicators (psd)
19. Dashboard Masks (regular and glass versions)

Blackout & Classic Versions:  All widgets and Layers can be resized, colored, or removed in the OSX Master.psd


Please share your modifications and have this grow into an even better Add-On theme since I am including all the PSDs.  I am only one person, and do not have all the good ideas….that’s where you guys come in.  As stated in the credits… The “Mac Releases” section has all the latest stuff for the desktop.  There is no reason why our phones can’t incorporate the same modifications, and look just as good.  Leopard for the iPhone does not have to be limited to an “out of the box” look.  It can become an extension of our desktops if your creative enough.

Last note:  I do not make icons,  I can copy them right off my own system resources, and I can modify other icons but those do not belong me.  If there are specific things you are looking for please search DeviantArt or Mac Releases and simply resize and add it to the “Master OSX Widget.psd”.  Once added you can make any modification you like by adding drop shadows, etc…  The goal should be to keep all widgets and icons looking as realistic as possible.  I have however provided links to the artists websites where you can download the icons in all my screenshots….just look in the README files in the appropriate folders (ie Black Dock Icon Folder, Other Icons Folder, and Categories Icon Folder)

Deviant Art Icons
MacThemes Forum / Mac Releases

One other note….in order to use the taskbars in the PSD file you need to apply transparent FST_BG, and FSO-BG to the following path:  /Library/Themes/YOUR THEME/Bundles/com.apple.springboard The files are transparent and are here: Right click or Ctrl click to the left of the arrow below and choose display image in new window, or “save image as” then put  it in the path above.  Or just make your own transparent versions

https://i2.wp.com/img.photobucket.com/albums/v288/Bear_Hunter/OSX%20ADD-ONS/FSO_BG.png <-FSO_BG

https://i0.wp.com/img.photobucket.com/albums/v288/Bear_Hunter/OSX%20ADD-ONS/FST_BG.png <-FST_BG


OSX Leopard Add-Ons

Mirror Site:

OSX Leopard Add-Ons Mirror

2nd Mirror Site:  Thanks to Mobi

Thanks Mobi

Via MacThemes2

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