vlc4iphone Released to the Public!

Zodttd has released vlc4iphone to the public. Its essentially exactly like the vlc player on windows or a mac.

15.5 KB
Here is what he wrote,
“I have spent today working on vlc4iphone. When it comes to performance mplayer wins, but it seems some people still like the feature set vlc4iphone has. These features include the ability to stream video (such as TV) and audio content from a PC to the iPhone. It even has a ShoutCast internet radio browser & player!

vlc4iphone v1.6.0 is now available publicly on Cydia in the Multimedia section. As ZodTTD.com is a pre-installed repo of Cydia, you’re ready to go. So check it out!

In this release I have fixed many bugs, including the dreaded bug that caused many people not to see video in the last beta release. Some codecs (RTMP for instance) are still missing, and depending on the demand for them, I will add them and update to a later VLC version as well.

The only drawback is performance of videos of resolutions of 640×480 or greater. What I’ve done is lowered the decoding resolution of many formats of video at this resolution so now you are able to be play them at decent speeds. The quality of the picture suffers however. I suggest users of vlc4iphone to use videos of 320×240 resolution if possible.

Source code is currently available here. A huge thanks to the VideoLAN team for their support and great software.”
Resume of the features:
  • Built in internet radio station browser with search!
  • Play nearly all of your favorite media.
  • Stream media via HTTP, RTSP, MMS and more…
You can get it of Cydia using Zodttd’s source (see my Cydia Source list at the top).

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