Need For Speed Undercover – First Impressions

IGN have posted an long review about the upcoming iPod Touch/iPhone game called Need For Speed Undercover.

Originally Posted by IGN

Yesterday, I had a chance to put my thumbs on Need for Speed Undercover for the iPhone/iPod Touch. While my no means is this a final verdict, it is simply impossible to veer into this report without expressing some severe enthusiasm for the game. Not only is the game extremely fast, especially when you tap the on-screen NOS button, but the graphics outstrip anything you’ve seen on the iPhone thus far — and that include Gameloft’s superlative Asphalt 4.


Undercover does not deviate too far from the recent Need for Speed canon. You again dive into the underworld via the street racing phenomenon, but this time you do so as an undercover cop. You must race against smugglers and thieves to get close to the heart of a criminal enterprise, and that leads to a series of high octane events on the streets of Tri-City and the highways which connect the three metro areas.


Undercover uses the accelerometer for steering. To accelerate, you tip the device forward. However, you don’t need to tip it too far for hit the gas, something I was concerned about. Too many iPhone games ask you to physically tilt the phone away from your face. Steering left and right via tilting the phone was very responsive.

…and I cannot wait to try out the final game when it debuts in late November alongside the console editions.


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