IntelliScreen Free Equivilent Lock Screen Widget

Aldwin has posted a lock screen widget that is essentially a FREE equivilent to IntelliScreen.

* requires status notifier and winterboard
* credit goes to the following:
– Zetetic Apparatchik – for the weather widget
– productred – for the one week forecast version of the weather widget
– nuclear potato – slock theme
– pablo_aza21 – numbers of unread items in notification
– Mac Intosh/Rocky5 – removing the date on lockscreen
– Dash – for posting the dashboard weather icons
– GaMerZ – full month calendar

* Now includes the number of messages, missed calls, email, etc.
* Ability to hide and display 5 weather forecast, and full calendar
* New icon set “minis” (apple’s dashboard weather icons


NOTE: (status notifier)make sure you update status notifier to get these feature, you can find more info about this at

NOTE: To make this work, you need to hide the lockscreen date*
*does not apply on weather/notifier version.

for english language:
download this
And place it into System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/DateFormats

for other langugaes:
refer to this thread … d=16790088

NOTE: I removed the LCD clock cause it causes a lot of issues, if someone knows how to solve the overlapping text issues, send me a PM.

default homescreen

click on the date to display full calendar

click on the weather forecast to show the week’s forecast

Complete Version:

Calendar/notifier version:

Weather/notifier version:

Notifier Only version:

Via MacThemes2

One Response to “IntelliScreen Free Equivilent Lock Screen Widget”

  1. Mad-gecko Says:

    When will we have the possibility to add a notes or todolist feature on, the lockscreen?

    It seems to be impossible!

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