RiP Dev: Pusher adds Without Jailbreaking!

RiP Dev have came out with a very interesting piece of software that puts on your iPhone 2g or 3g without having to go through the jailbreaking process. It works on 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2.

Here are all the features,

Gain access to hundreds of tools that are not available in App Store for some reason and that allow you to expand the functionality of the iPhone, including our own Kate, Qik, Snapture and many others!

Stay Secure

While giving access to, Pusher is not opening the system partition of your iPhone for writing. This makes it more secure and prevents potential information theft that can be fairly easy with the “normal” jailbreak methods.

SpringBoard Background

Gain the ability to set the SpringBoard background — completely free!
Works for 2G and 3G

Pusher works for both 2G and 3G iPhones.

Support for 2.2

In addition to newly released 2.2 firmware support, Pusher will work just as well for 2.0.2 and 2.1 iPhones! However, we recommend you to stay on the bleeding edge and give 2.2 a try – it represents many hours of hard work of Apple engineers.

It is only on MACS at the moment but will be coming out on Windows soon.It is now out for both (WINDOWS DOWNLOAD BELOW). To read more about it CLICK ME.

To download (Macs): CLICK ME
To downoad (Windows) : CLICK ME

Via RiP Dev: Pusher

4 Responses to “RiP Dev: Pusher adds Without Jailbreaking!”

  1. Adam Says:

    If I download on my iPhone can I still update my phone through iTunes and at&t

  2. BJ Says:

    so if i download to my computer…how do i get it on my iphone?

  3. psp2468 Says:

    Open the program and follow the on screen instructions. I have never used the program so I don’t actually no how it works.

    Just install the program and see what it says on it. Normally they will have instructions in the program.

  4. Steve Says:

    I tried Pusher, but it says I need an older version of .NET. I really do not want to go through all of that. Are there other programs that will give me Installer without jailbreaking?

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