Pwnplayer Beta 6 Released

Errrick has rolled out his 6th beta of Pwnplayer, a alternative to the stock music player which will revolutionize the way you listen to music on your iPod Touch/iPhone.

Here is the changelog:

  • Fixed incompatibility with 2.2 podcasts which caused PwnPlayer to crash right after you opened it
  • Fixed incompatibility issues with 2.2 firmware (Song playing crash)
  • CoverFlow temporarily disabled due to incompatibility issues
  • Improved support for international characters (causing crashes on Filesystem mp3s)
  • However, there’s still a bug in the iPhone software that fails to read mp3’s with “%” followed by two hex numbers, except for %20 :s
  • Better integration with MewSeek (fix for bug where new downloads didn’t appear)
  • Optimized memory management.
And since I didnt post about the beta 5 being released, here is its changelog:
  • Added M4A playback support (MPEG-4 audio files). No tag reading yet.
  • Integration with MewSeek (
  • Fixed a few memory leaks discovered when navigating playlists / music library / file system.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks during iTunesDB reading/parsing.
  • Added support for standard EQ presets (No custom graphic EQ… yet? I hope so.)
  • Improved loading times. PwnPlayer now loads much faster when running it for the first time.
  • Autoplay also loads much faster now.
  • Album list will now show the artwork immediately with better quality (same as in MobileMusicPlayer, no more delayed-pixelated artwork!).
  • Fixed bug on search screen, that showed a folder icon in one or more song results after doing several searches.
  • Better navigation in Featured screen.
  • Fixed bug for certain music libraries which experienced crashes everytime they wanted to load coverflow, album, song or artist lists.
  • Artwork in lock screen is now hidden on pause/stop.
  • Fixed bug that caused certain songs to finish early. Now all songs will play till the end, however, you might still see them on the screen with a lower duration than they actually have, this needs to be investigated further.

You can get it off Cydia

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