KoobFace Virus Targeting Facebook Users!

A new virus has been released that targets Facebook users through the facebook messaging systelogo_facebookm. Once it is on the victims computer, it will try to obtain credit cards details and other sensitive materials. Also, it will make infected sites come up when you use search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and Live.com according to McAfee.

A few other viruses have tried to use Facebook in similar ways to propagate themselves.

That is what a Facebook spokesman said in a recent email he sent out. Also also mentioned that only a very small ammount of Facebook users have been infected with the virus.

The Koobface virus spreads by using infected users sending messages to their friends with headings like ‘you look awsome in the video’. When the user clicks the link, it will ask them to download a new version of ‘Adobe Flash Player’. Once you download the file, your computer becomes infected.

Facebook now have a page on their website showing how to get rid off the virus once you have got it, http://www.facebook.com/security.

The creators of this virus have not yet been found but it is known that they are constantly updating the virus to make it be able to get around the new Facebook  security.

This is just a word of warning from use at AllTechRelated. Be careful with Facebook and don’t download a ‘Adobe Flash Player’ update from a link on Facebook.

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