PSPTube v1.4 Released!

A new version of the PSPTube hombrew application has been released. This amazing application allows you to stream videos straight from Youtube or other video streaming sites right onto your PSP.

This great application is created by developer JK180 and is compatible with a total of 21 video streaming websites, the newest being TubeIso.

Here is the official changelog:

  • TubeIso is now included
  • YouTube script is fixed after it stopped working because the site layout changed
  • Integrated YouTubeHQ into the normal YouTube script. There is now an option in the
  • config to use high quality mode on YouTube when its available
  • Fixed a bug in MySpace Videos where the description was sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed a bug in many of my scripts where it would incorrectly display the number of
  • views if it was more than a million
  • Fixed a bug in TNAFlix where the description wasn’t displaying correctly

See the readme included in the download to see how to install this app.

To download: CLICK ME

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