Turn-by-Turn GPS Coming to AppStore!

Real turn-by-turn GPS navigation finally coming to the iPhone? A company called Xroad are waiting anxiously to see if Apple will allow this fully functioning GPS application into the AppStore.

Click the image to open in full size.

Some of the features include:

* Stand-alone electronic map that needs no internet connection
* Unfettered location search in the mountains, on the ocean, or the middle of nowhere, even when on the move
* Large-capacity map data enables easy search of desired location and route
* Real 3D View of intricate major intersections and highway junctions
* Smart location search powered by a search engine similar to internet search engines, using keyword search
* Detailed information on restaurants, hotels, and leisure destinations provided with Premium POI
* POI editing and memo capability for personalized POI
* Route preview provides optimal route to destination
* Search by phone number and latitude/longitude
* Phone number dial by POI (for iPhone)

Real 3D View: Times SQ

Click the image to open in full size.

If Apple approves this app, we should see it in the App Store sometime this month

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