Avplayer Released on 2.X

Avplayer has been released on 2.X. Here what they say about it

Instructions and Setup. Read carefully

You will need to restart MobileFinder each time to add a new association. Once you have as many as you need, try them out by double-tapping an associated file from the Finder browser and it should launch the player and begin playing your media.

What formats are supported?

AVPlayer uses the quicktime library, it will play any format that is supported by the device. MP4, M4V, MOV, 3GP, MP3, AAC, AIF. More formats may be supported.

Installing AVPlayer

Use Cydia for easy installation. You may also manually install AVPlayer using the links in the footer of this page.

* MobileFinder must be installed to use AVPlayer

Configuring MobileFinder

Method 1 – Use Finder’s `Open with` feature on a selected file

To play files types that are not associated simply tap them once to highlight, then use the Modify button at the bottom of Finder. Next, choose `Open with` and you will be shown a list of applications: choose AVPlayer and the file will launch and begin playing.

Method 2 – Use associations to enable double-tapping on filenames

Open MobileFinder and choose the Settings button, then scroll down to the File Associations section. Add a new association by tapping the last box in this section. Fill in the blank with one of the following for video:

  • mp4:com.system.avplayer
  • m4v:com.system.avplayer
  • 3gp:com.system.avplayer

If you want to associate audio files:

  • mp3:com.system.avplayer
  • aif:com.system.avplayer”

To download: CLICK ME

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