Bad News for the iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak

Here are some comments from the Dev Blog’s website that show that the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak may not be coming any time soon.

Originally Posted by luigic
Is there ever going to be a jailbreak for the ipod touch 2G. I just got one but it’s of no use without the jailbreak.
Love your page guys, keep up the good work. From Spain
Originally Posted by pytey (dev team)
We are not looking at the iPod touch 2G at the moment. It isn’t even on our radar to be honest.
Originally Posted by da_petcu21
I thought you said that you are intrested in the platform.
Anyway I’m getting one for christmas, as I’m not that bothered by the lack of jailbreak.
By the way, I saw that the RiP Dev guys made a tool called Pusher to install Installer on unjalibroken iPhones. Does this works with iPod Touches 2G too?
Originally Posted by MuscleNerd (dev team)
If the application CPU or bootrom used by the iPod 2G make their way into some future iPhone, then we’d definitely be motivated to talk more about it. I think it’s *still* the case that only one of us even has an iPod 2G

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