101 Most Essential iPhone Apps of 2008

Maclife have posted a cool acticle with their 101 most essential iPhone apps of 2008. All credit for this list goes to them. Watch out, it is a loooooong list.

Here they are:

101. Ms. PAC-MAN
We got PAC-MAN fever, it’s driving us crazy. We’re going out of our minds. Not the greatest game in the App Store, but sometimes you ned some nostalgia.

100. A Small Orange Metronome
Metronome is a bargain, combining a simple tuner and metronome in one app.

99. eWallet
eWallet can securely store sensitive information you might want to keep on hand. Credit card numbers, membership info, passwords, serial numbers, insurance card info–organize it all into wallets, categories, and cards.

98. Save Benjis
Save Benjis can compare Internet prices while you’re out at the mall, to make sure you’re never paying more than you have to.

97. SportsTap
What’s the score? The free SportsTap app can keep you up-to-date with current scores for college and pro sports: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, auto racing, tennis, golf, and all your local teams too.

96. FotoTimer
Just a timer for the iPhone’s camera, but it’s easy to use, only $2, and can help you get cleaner, better shots, especially in low light.

95. More Cowbell!
Come on baby, Don’t Fear the Reaper. Just give him more cowbell.

94. WikiMe
You know the saying: Wherever you go, there you are. WikiMe tells you exactly “where” you are from a Wikipedia perspective, listing all the entries that are related to your current location (or any postal code).

93. MiniPiano
Free and fun for kids of all ages, MiniPiano lets you bang away on 14 keys to your heart’s delight. Upgrade to the $3 FingerPiano app to play three octaves and even learn some songs.

92. Cocktails
Looking for the perfect drink to celebrate season two of Mad Men? Look no further: Cocktails puts more than 1000 high-quality drink recipes on your iPhone or iPod touch.

91. FlyCast
Thousands and thousands of live radio streams, with Search, Favorites, and History settings. And it’s free!

90. PhotoFrame
Stream photos to your device from flickr — it’s like your iPhone or iPod touch becomes a digital photo frame. Especially nice if you keep your phone docked by your desk and get tired of looking at that battery-life meter.

89. GL Golf
While you’re waiting for the PGA-licensed greatness Tiger Woods, check out the best golf game currently on the iPhone. GL Golf includes a generous selection of five fictional courses, and a relatively accurate physics engine that relies on traditional videogame golf finger taps (no accelerometer-reliant swings here, folks). The course design errs a bit toward silly-funky, and choosing the dusk or dawn tee-time options is an exercise in futility, because they don’t let you see jack. Nonetheless, the 3D engine is competent, and the back spin, draw/fade and loft/punch controls really, truly work. Bottomline: It’s a completely fun, not-at-all-jacked-up golf game (unlike pretty much all the others we’ve tried).
88. Grocery IQ
We all have to go grocery shopping, and the Notes application isn’t all that helpful with large lists. With an extensive database of products, and the ability to email your list for someone else to do the shopping, Grocery IQ is a shopper’s dream.

87. LED Football
If you’re old enough to remember the classic Mattel Football electronic game, you’ll do a nostalgia-fueled double-take when you see LED Football. It’s a near-perfect replica, not just of the gameplay, but also of the handheld itself.

86. Panorama
Many digital cameras automatically stitch together panoramic photos. You just have to take a series of overlapping, horizontal photographs, hit a button, and the camera does the rest. Now the iPhone has joined those ranks.

85. AIM
Until iChat hits the iPhone, AIM is there to fill our AIM chat cravings.

84. Comic Touch
Add thought and word bubbles to your images.  Create your own Far Side comics with pictures of your friends. Of course your friends have to be ducks and cows.

83. mDialog
You can’t get MMS messages on your iPhone, but if you sign up for an account at mDialog.com, you can send videos to an iPhone or iPhones that have the mDialog app installed. Other features include public and private channels, feedback, search, favorites, and more.

82. HangTimer
I believe it’s time for me to fly: HangTimer uses the accelerometer to measure when skiers and snowboarders become airborne, tracking your hang time, remembering your best jumps, and even serving up cached trail maps and a snow report. If you’ve got an iPhone 3G, it’ll even plot your jumps on Google Maps. Gnarly.

81. MySpace
Finally you can visit your friends MySpace page without their horrible pimpmyspace theme–that incidently makes reading their low-level manifesto impossible–and whatever horrible song they chose that week. Clean and intuative. How MySpace should be.

80. Sextuple Word Challenge
Once you realize that it isn’t the slightest bit risque–despite the pretty girl in the icon–Sextuple Word Challenge will fill your day with jumbled, word-puzzle goodness.

79. Google Earth
Show this off to impress your friends without iPhones. You can navigate around by tilting the iPhone, and tap the Location button to fly to your current location. So cool, so free. Thanks again, Google.

78. Tiny Violin
When something is just so sad, it makes you want to pantomime playing a really, really tiny violin? Now you can play actual sad music with a Tiny Violin on your iPhone. Best 99 cents we’ve ever spent.

77. MLB At Bat
The official MLB app serves up baseball scores, pitch-by-pitch game-tracking, and even highlight videos. The only bummer is you have to rebuy it every season—but $5/year is more than worth it for true baseball fans.

76. Gas Cubby
Gas Cubby can keep all the data about your car right at your fingertips, including gas mileage, service history, expenses, license and insurance info, and more.

75. Trails
Record, import and export trails of your hikes. The app uses the GPX file format and is importable into a variety of applications.

74. Sol Free
It’s Solitaire. It works. It’s free. It also provides interesting stats. And did we mention it’s Solitaire, it works just peachy-fine, and it’s free? Comes with just five games, and not a bajillion like some of the non-free solitaire option. But we repeat: It’s Solitaire. It works. And it’s free.

73. Evernote
The free Evernote app lets you create text, snapshot, or voice notes easily, which are automatically synced to the Evernote online service and PC or Mac desktop client. Includes geotagging, character recognition for text in snapshots, and more.

72. Star Trigon
A copy of a little-known, six-year-old arcade game, Star Trigon comfortably slips into an iPhone. Tap the screen for your only control, slinging the always-circling, space-faring character out of orbit and towards a new planet.

71. PhotoCalc
The calculators assist intermediate and advanced DSLR photographers, while the wide range of information can upgrade beginners’ skills.

70.  Note2Self
This 99-cent audio recorder uses the accelerometer to start recording when you bring your phone to your ear. Then you can tag your recording’s location, add text notes, and email it to yourself, or share with your computer over Wi-Fi.

69. SolarQuest
Great for younger players and highly competitive types alike, SolarQuest pits you in a space-race against the clock. It’s well worth the price.

68. iTalk Recorder
Record audio with your iPhone or second-gen iPod touch with headset microphone. Download high-quality AIFF files to your computer over Wi-Fi. The free version is solid, and the $5 iTalk Recorder Premium adds even more features.

67. UrbanSpoon
More fun than Yelp for the iPhone, Urbanspoon has the potential to overtake Yelp’s iPhone  app, as long as users keep submitting reviews.
66. i.TV
Browse you local TV and movie listings. Not enough? How about we throw some Netflix browsing in there.

65. Mobile Disk
If you’re already paying for MobileMe, you should definitely shell out 99 cents for Mobile Disk, and have access to your MobileMe iDisk (PDF, Office docs, photos, H.264 videos, AAC music) on the go—even over EDGE.

64. Chimps Ahoy!
Chimps Ahoy! one-ups Super Monkey Ball’s cuteness quotient by dressing up the titular primates in adorable pirate outfits and bouncing coconuts off their heads in a clever mash-up of Pong and Breakout.

63. Night Camera
The built-in iPhone camera is fine until you try to take a picture in a low-light situation. Night Camera gives the iPhone low-light capabilities and image stabilization.

62. Zen Pinball Rollercoaster
You’ll have to get used to holding the phone and tapping its corners, but the complete table and physics make Zen Pinball Rollercoaster a pinball wizard.

61. Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards
This venerable tool for medical students is reproduced faithfully, with new, helpful features. It’s nearly indispensable for medical students of all levels.

60. Lightsaber Unleashed
Free download and bam, you’re a Jedi.

59. Scribble
Okay, we admit it can be difficult to draw with this app. But with a little practice, you too can create juvenile masterpieces from your iPhone pics.

58. WootWatch
WootWatch does exactly what you think it does. You can check the daily Woot, Woot Shirt and Woot Wine. While it’s a one-trick pony, it has an impressive UI.

57. Roventskjj IR-909
Whether you’re a skilled beatmaker or a total noob, Roventskjj’s homage to those beat boxes, IR-909, lets you make sweet-sounding, butt-jiggling rhythms in the palm of your hand.

56. Yahtzee Adventures
Like the recent iPod version, Yahtzee Adventures crams those five dice into an iPhone with plenty of extras rolled in. A story mode against the game’s AI characters, multiplayer with up to three friends, and alternative game rules–even with multicolored dice–make this Yahtzee translation better than the analog original.

55. Galcon
Galcon reduces intergalactic conquest to its arithmetic essence: Breed, Kill, Win. Sounds simple enough, but expanding to the outer reaches of the solar system while eradicating your neighbors can be tricky.

54. Yelp
If you frequently travel to new places and hate asking random locals for restaurant recommendations, Yelp’s iPhone app can save your bacon. Mmmmm bacon.

53. Voice Changer
Voice Changer applies sound effects to audio recordings and might be relegated to the novelty category. Surprisingly, it actually has some practical use.

52. AstroTilt
This colorful version of Breakout lets you control your paddle with finger-swipes or by tilting the phone back and forth. Addictive arcade fun!

51. Camerabag
This $3 app is like having a bag of cameras at your disposal. Add photo effects to new pictures you take with your iPhone, or existing pics in your iPhone or iPod touch’s photo library.

50. Soul Trapper: Episode One – Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!
This episodic game is an audio adventure–you get all your information through the headphones, and tap the screen to solve puzzles and advance the story. Props for its uniqueness and excellent voice acting.

49. iNetwork Speed Test
Check your network speed to make sure AT&T is holding up its part of the 3G deal.

48. SPiN – Super Shape Puzzle
SPiN – Super Shape Puzzle is not a game of wits. Its puzzles won’t make you smarter, and gameplay couldn’t possibly be any more repetitive. But crisp multi-touch integration and impressive 3D graphics make it a game that’s hard to put down.

47. Tetris
Tetris for the iPhone and iPod touch carefully stays true to its iron roots, while innovating enough to feel built for Apple’s tactile platform. Finger swipes steer those rapidly falling blocks, and you need to assemble complete horizontal lines to make them disappear. The craft and care put into this version makes it easy to recommend to any puzzle player.

46. TiVo Mobile
TiVo owners can schedule their shows from their iPhone or iPod touch. You could do so before using Safari and TiVo’s website, but it would slowly drive you insane. The new way is much better.

45. Fieldrunners
Fieldrunners follows the worn path of other tower-defense-style games, adding little new but matching those puzzles’ addictive hook.

44. Tris
Sadly, Tris was pulled from the App Store, probably because its name was too close to Tetris, but this free, light, perfect version is miles better than the official (unfree) Tetris that remains. We’ll pour a few blocks on the curb for our homie Tris.

43. De Blob
De Blob is a fast-paced, cheerfully anarchic diversion with some real challenges under its cute hood.

42. Stanza
Who needs a Kindle when you have an iPhone or iPod touch and the app Stanza? With 40,000 free books, and 50,000 books for sale, Stanza will keep you busy until the end of time. Unless you break your glasses.

41. Intua BeatMaker
BeatMaker takes songwriters from start to finish, crafting sample-based music on an iPhone or iPod touch. Record and then edit patterns using drum hits and loops, then arrange, mix, and export songs.

40. NetShare
Pulled from the app store because it allowed tethering of the iPhone with a computer. For those lucky enough to have downloaded the app before it was pulled. it’s a great utility. AT&T promises to have a tethering solution eventually. Of course, it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny.

39. Where
The free location-based Where can search for a Starbucks, gas station, Yelp-reviewed restaurant, Zipcar location, Eventful event listing, and your friends if y’all use Buddy Beacon.

38. The Weather Channel
It’s free and gives you the most concise weather forecast available. It’s exactly what you would expect from The Weather Channel.

37. Melodis Voice Dialer
Apple didn’t include voice-dialing in the iPhone, but several paid and free apps in the App Store can rectify that massive mistake. We like the stability and features of this free app from Melodis.

36. Vay
Ancient treasure awaits in the App Store: the 1993 role-playing game Vay has been ported from the Sega CD to the iPhone and iPod touch. Vay is a full-length RPG that boasts an epic quest, hordes of monsters, and even animated video cut scenes with voice acting. Adventurers, your call to action has arrived.

35. X-Plane 9
X-Plane 9 lets you fly the slightly pixielated but thoroughly engrossing skies. It’s a fun and relaxing diversion and a great showpiece for iPhone gaming.

34. iChalky
He’s a chalk stick man that’s controlled by moving your iPhone. External music gives Chalky the gumption to get his groove on. You can even grab the head off of a pic and replace Chalky’s.

33. Scrabble
Scrabble is…well, Scrabble! This version for the iPhone and iPod touch fits almost any occasion for gaming on the go, and it’s a worthy edition that fans shouldn’t miss.

32. Now Playing
Find movies in your area with Rotten Tomatoes ratings and trailers. Everything you want in a movie app.

31. GuitarToolkit
GuitarToolkit lives up to its name as the choice for guitarists.

30. Pandora
Take your Pandora account with you. Anywhere! Who needs an FM transmitter?

29. WordPress
For those of us who demand quality blogging on the go, WordPress is available as a free application in the iTunes App Store. It brings convenient mobile blogging to any iPhone or iPod touch.

28. WriteRoom iPhone
Wi-Fi sharing is neat, but the landscape keyboard is what makes WriteRoom worthwhile.

27. Bloomberg
If you like to keep an eye on your stocks, you have nothing to lose by installing it, and hopefully a few dollars to gain.

26. Fring
VoIP, instant messaging client. It’s all in Fring. It connects to all the major–and some minor–instant messaging clients. Plus, you can connect directly to your Skype account. Oh, did we mention it works with the iPod touch?

25. Blue Defense!
Blue Defense! draws from so many arcade classics that it’s tough to define, but the way it effortlessly shifts from style to style and handles motion controls make fresh in a decades-old genre. It’s a bull’s eye for any shooter fan.

24. 1Password
This free app can save your online passwords and log you in to websites with one click. It uses tough encryption to protect your data, and can even sync with 1Password for Mac (sold separately).

23. Real Soccer 2009
Real Soccer 2009 is a surprising kick on the iPhone. Similar to soccer titles for other videogame systems, you control the action from a sideline, 3D perspective; the camera even cuts to different angles for goal highlights.

22. OmniFocus for iPhone
Computers have never been a threat to the popularity of the pad-and-pencil method of organizing your life. When a thought strikes, immediate access is more important than computing power. But the $19.99 OmniFocus for iPhone gives both.

21. Simplify Media
If you have more gigs of music than will fit on your device, you can stream music from your home computer (over Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE) with the $4 Simplify Media app and an account. You can even listen to the streams of up to 30 of your friends!

20. Tap Tap Revenge
Tapulous’s infectious free rhythm game has you tapping along to downloadable dance tracks. Two players can even go head-to-head on one iPhone.

19. Ocarina
The first “real” iPhone instrument. Blow into the mic at the bottom of the iPhone and boom, you’re the next great musical sensation.

18. Joost
TV on the iPhone! Well, sort of. Joost’s free app streams television content over Wi-Fi to your iPhone or iPod touch. Smooth, stable video in the palm of your hand.

17. Twinkle
With a starry background, the ability to post images, and the chance to interact with Twinkle users in a set radius, Twinkle is the ultimate Twitter client for the iPhone.

16. Google Mobile
The Google you can talk to! Hold your iPhone to your ear and say what you want: a local business, the name of the 34th president, even someone in your contacts.

15. Facebook
With a design that is sometimes easier to navigate than the actual website, the Facebook app has one drawback: no support for events. Still, we can’t get enough of this app and its ability to appease our Facebook addiction.

14. iDrum for iPhone
iZotope knows how to bring new people into the drum-machine world: pretty, flashing colors! Yet this beat creator is not just another time-wasting trifle; it’s a powerful tool for new and experienced users alike.

13. Bloom
Brian Eno is a musician and producer who has been associated with ambient music for so long that he practically devised that genre. He has created music ranging from the beautifully melancholic album Music For Airports to the Windows 95 Startup Sound. Now he’s invading your iPhone.

12. Line Rider iRide
Recipe for the most improbable game ever: Draw a sledding hill with ramps, jumps, drops, and so on, then sit back and watch your rider careen down and around. That’s Line Rider in a nutshell.

11. ICanHasCheezburger
It comes with LOLcats, FailBlog, GraphJam and Engrish Funny. Do you need to know more?

10. FourTrack
Sonoma Wire Works will sell some Four Track downloads just based on its alluring design, but this beauty’s got brains. This four-track audio recorder’s smart layout utilizes every square centimeter of screen space without resorting to controls that are too small to operate.

9. SnapTell Explorer
Take a picture of a DVD, CD or book, and SnapTell Explorer will use that picture to find information about that product.

8. Dynolicious
Gearheads usually spends hundreds, even thousands of dollars for the features Dynolicious brings to the iPhone.

7. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D
From its animated opening cut-scene to its dazzling DayGlo-infused tracks, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D brings console-style racing to the iPhone.

6. Super Monkey Ball
Even after a half-dozen versions for dedicated videogame systems, Super Monkey Ball feels like it was originally created for the iPhone.

5. BeejiveIM
Forget mobile IM apps, BeejiveIM chats circles around most desktop IM clients. This versatile messaging app lets you keep in touch with all of your far flung friends across one or more accounts with AIM/MobileMe, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, and MySpaceIM.

4. AirSharing
Mount your device — over Wi-Fi! — on your Mac or PC, then drag and drop files (lots of formats are supported) and read them on your iPhone or iPod touch. Handy!

3. Aurora Feint: The Beginning
Aurora Feint is a fantasy-themed puzzle game that boasts gorgeous artwork, elaborate visual effects, and a rich, dramatic soundtrack. It’s easily one of the most polished games we’ve seen from the App Store.

2. Shazam
One of those “black magic” apps that does the seemingly impossible: You hold it up while music is playing, and it tells you what the song is, plus it keeps track of when and where you heard it (with photo tagging!) and links you to the iTunes Store to buy it.

1. Remote
It seems like a nice utility. Then you start using it and you realize, this is the digital media killer app. You’re controlling your music from any room in the house, if you have Music Sharing, you can change which set of speakers the music is directed too from the palm of your hand.

The ability to search the Apple TV library eradicates the neverending tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, of scrolling to find a movie in a huge video library. It’s the best thing to happen to the Apple TV since the introduction of movie rentals.

Apple’s Remote isn’t going to help you find a great restaurant, it won’t let you battle inter-stellar aliens bent on world domination, it won’t even tell you where you are. What it does though, is bring together your media library in an easy-to-use app that’s with you at all times.

Do you agree with Maclife’s verdict? If not post in the comments!

Via Maclife

2 Responses to “101 Most Essential iPhone Apps of 2008”

  1. Eric Says:


    I love this app! File transfer to and from your macs, their attached volumes, your servers and hosts in the cloud. All securely via ssh. Store and view files. Wirelessly, from your iPhone. It’s like having a networked file browser in your hand.

    Also, Mobile Disk has been pulled, which is too bad since it was the only app of it’s kind that allowed you to email your files out once you had it on your iPhone, allowing you to share documents.

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