Watch TV on your PSP

Go!View, a software for your PSP that allows you to watch TV, has got new content.

The service is sadly on in the UK. With this expansion, it now has hundreds of hours of content for you to watch. They haven’t actually released a full list of all the new thing they have to offer. Here is a section of the press releases with the prices:

Entertainment subscription packs [are] available […] for just £5 per month individually. You can also access Comedy and Sport with additional subscriptions priced at two packs for £8 (€11, US$ 12) or all three packs for £10 (€14, US$ 15).

In addition to the Subscription Packs, PSP users can also select a range of ‘Movies to Rent’ and ‘Latest TV to Rent’ which can be transferred via the rental service. Rental TV is available from £1.50 (€2.00, US$ 2.25) per episode and a range of movies are available from £2.50 (€3.20, US$ 2.70)) each.

One Response to “Watch TV on your PSP”

  1. cyrex Says:

    this site rocks! big time

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