How to Dual Boot with Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu

I recently just dual booted my laptop with Windows XP and a linux OS called Ubuntu using a handy little installer called Wubi. It is a simple .exe file that allows you to install Ubuntu or other Linux OS with a single click.

Here is how to do it.

Firstly you will need to download the ‘Wubi’ file that I have uploaded for all of your. Open the .exe file and you shall be confronted with this window.


As you can see it is pretty simple to set up. Firstly select the drive you want to install it too. Normally the default one that it selects is the correct one.

Choose how much of the hard drive on your computer that Linux gets. Be aware that the system files take up 4gb themselves.

Choose the desktop enviroment e.g Ubuntu or other Linux OS.

Choose you language and write in your username and password that you want to use on your Linux computer.

Click install and voila, you now have dual booted your computer with Windows XP and Linux! When you restart your computer you will get a screen similar to this one except with Windows XP and the Linux OS you chose.


Click on the Linux OS you choose and wait for it to load. Type in the password and username you created in the Wubi program and there you have it, your Linux OS desktop.


Wubi.exe file download: CLICK ME

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