Rolando Released on the AppStore

‘Rolando’ a game similar to the hit game LocoRoco on the PSP has been released on the AppStore. You control the Rolando charactor by using the iPhone/iPod Touchs accelerometer.

Rolandoland is in peril and the Rolandos need your help! Use innovative tilt, tap and
Multi-Touch controls to guide the Rolandos through four visually-distinct worlds and 36 engaging levels. Solve physics puzzles, toy with the interactive environments and evade pesky enemies as you lead the Rolandos to victory.

That is the blurb of the game on the creator website.

Gameplay video:

Game features:

Interactive Environments
Manipulate more than a dozen gizmos, including lifts, catapults and bomb dispensers

Fun with Physics
Rolandos can bounce on trampolines, push blocks and nudge bombs and sleeping Rolandos

Rich, Intuitive Controls
use Tilt and Multi-touch to guide the Rolandos and manipulate their world

Signature Art Style
Visuals by pop-culture illustrator Mikko Walamies and music by renowned break-beat artist Mr. Scruff

Progress is saved and restored automatically when play is stopped or interrupted

Epic Adventure
Four unique worlds and 36 engaging levels

To download: CLICK ME ($9.99)

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