New Repo!

As you may or may not know, Sleepers and Bigboss parted ways awhile ago and BigBoss took the famous repo that they both hosted.

Sleepers have now created their own repo for Cydia 2.X to compete with BigBoss. You need to add the repo manually to Cydia. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. After Cydia fully loads navigate to Manage the click on Sources
  3. Next click on Edit [upper left hand corner]
  4. Then Click Add [upper right hand corner]
  5. A window will open that says “Enter Cydia/APT URL” type:
  6. Then click Add source and your set to go!

You now have the Sleepers repo on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Sleepers is now offering the FIRST automated Cydia, hosting repository!!!

Here is how to add your package to the repo, courtosy of

As a registerd developer you can simply upload your zip file with all of your screen shots, binary file, description and be walked through the automated package creation process. Once you submit your application one of our staff members will install it and make sure the package has been created successfully!

As we said in our previous post, you, as a developer gain access to many new tools that we have built for you, we feel the automated package creation tool is the biggest one, but we feel the second biggest one is giving you the ability to add your own ad code to the system to generate revenue.

We also do a few other checks to make sure the package is what you say it is and it does not install malicious code etc. If this is the case you will be banned from our network, so please do not attempt to submit packages that are malicious in nature!

To get started as a developer simply register with the system:

We look forward to helping the FREE community grow and look forward to getting everyones thoughts on the new system!!!

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