WifiToggle on 2.X Released!

Gojohnnyboi on iPodTouchFans has released a converted for 2.X version of the WifiToggle application that allows you to switch on/off the Wifi on your iPod Touch/iPhone with a click off the application icon.

Here is a screenshot of what it shows once you have click the icon:


To make it work you need to type in these commands on MobileTerminal or just change the permissions using your SSH client:

chmod 0755 /Applications/WifiToggle.app/WifiToggle
chmod -R 0755 /Applications/WifiToggle.app/Gojohnnyboi.framework

To download: CLICK ME

2 Responses to “WifiToggle on 2.X Released!”

  1. matthias Says:

    which folders of the .zip must be copy to applications?

  2. psp2468 Says:

    The Wifitoggle.app folder goes in the Applications folder.

    To be honest, I don’t know what the second folder is for. Please post if it works with only copying the .app folder into the Applications folder.

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