‘VistaPerfection 3.5’ Vista Style iPod Touch/iPhone Theme

A beautiful Vista mimicking the Vista OS for the iPod Touch/iPhone has been release. It was actually released a while ago but I have decided to write about it now.


Here is the feature list:

  1. iPod And iPhone theme
  2. 2 new Themes (Aero Glass and Black)
  3. New Detailed and realistic Start bar Aero Glass/Black
  4. App Skins (Installer,finder,FileBrowser,iReboot)
  5. More Start Dock icons
  6. 6 Alternate wallpapers
  7. New Status Bar
  8. More Sidebar icons
  9. More icons
  10. Weather skin
  11. True Vista Calculator skin
  12. Other.artwork customized
  13. Realistic Windows keyboard
  14. Safari skin (Internet Explorer)
  15. iPod skin (Windows Media Player 11)
  16. New Slide to Unlock Screeen (fingerprint recognition) Thanks to Pear-phone for this awesome mod
  17. Camera skin (iPhone)
  18. Start Bar emulator
  19. Notes (Microsoft Word) Skin
  20. Blank Applications (For icon placement)
  21. Slide to unlock fix
  22. Keyboard fix

Here is a video of it:

To download: CLICK ME

If anyone has a problem with this being posted here, feel free to comment or send me an to alltechrelated(at)gmail(dot)com.

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