5 Reasons to Install Google Desktop

Mashable have posted an intersting article about 5 reasons to install Google Desktop. It convinced me so I decided to post it for your guys to have a look. This was written by Mashable, not me.

Are you using Google Desktop? If you’re not, you might want to give it a second chance: this handy download combines the power of enhanced web and desktop search with the utility of Google Gadgets. Meanwhile, a new addition launched on Friday makes us wonder if Google Desktop is a hidden gem we’ve overlooked.

1. Google Docs Drag-and-Drop

googe docs list

Yesterday, Google released the Google Docs Gadget, available for Linux and Windows versions of Google Desktop (no Mac support, sorry!), that enables users to open their Google documents right from the desktop. As a bonus, users can drag-and-drop their documents right into the gadget for immediate uploading to Google Docs.

2. File Versioning

Google Desktop creates cached copies of your files on the fly, making it an easy way to find a previous or accidentally deleted version of your document.

3. Advanced Search Options


TweakGDS, a Google Desktop Windows plug-in, lets users maximize and customize their advanced search settings for Google Desktop. This nifty addition to the already powerful innate search functionality gives you the ability to add mapped network drives and USB devices to Google Desktop Search indexes.

4. Gadgets!

gmail gadget

There are some super-useful gadgets available for use with Google Desktop. Among our favorites: the eBay Deal Finder, Gmail gadget, or the ability to add and review your coComment comments. Of course there’s a myriad of other useful and entertaining gadgets available, so we’d love to hear which gadgets you think are great in the comments.

5. Take Your Desktop to Your TV

Windows users can install the Google Media Server gadget to harness the power of Google Desktop technology on any UPnP-enabled device like the PlayStation3. Once installed, you can view your PC’s videos, music and photos on your TV, as well as Picasa Web Albums and YouTube videos. A word of warning, however: setup is not always smooth.

To download: CLICK ME

Via Mashable

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