How to Watch Hidden Videos on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Totally 1337 on iPodTouchFans has came up with a guide of how to hide and then watch *secret* videos on your iPhone and iPod Touch for free. Here is what he wrote,


  • OpenSSH (available in Cydia)
  • MobileFinder (available in Cydia)
  • avPlayer (available in Cydia)
  • “Secret” videos
  • WinSCP


  1. SSH into any folder you want!
  2. Copy your video(s) into this folder
  3. On your iPod, install MobileFinder and avPlayer
  4. Open MobileFinder on your iPod and go to whatever folder you put your videos in.
  5. Click on the video
  6. Hit “modify”
  7. Click “Open With” and click avPlayer
  8. Your “secret” video will begin playing!

It is possible to skip steps 6-8!

In Finder go to Settings > Scroll down to File Associations and add this:


Then all you have to do is double tap on the video and it will play straight away.

Note: This will only work with videos in mp4 format!!

Via iPodTouchFans

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