PSArchiver: Download Homebrew Straight onto PSP!

A equivilant for the PSP has been released PSArchiver. This app allows you to download Homebrew straight onto your PSP over a WLAN connection.

Here are the release notes:

What does this homebrew do?
Do you ever wanted to download homebrews without the use of a computer? Then it’s your turn! Download a lot of homebrews right onto your PSP. Everything you need is a PSP and a WLAN Connection. Then, connect to the AP and start downloading your favourite homebrews.

List the homebrews alphabetically, search for them, have a look at other’s favourite homebrews!

How to use?
All you need to do is to download this piece of software: Place it in X:PSPGAMEPSArchiver for clarity^^

When you have a look at a multi-page-category, press L and R to go to the next page(s). Press X to get to the “Info-Screen”. Press X again to download the homebrew, circle to cancel.

Please post missing homebrews as a comment to the most recent entry here: Also additional feature-requests go there. Thanks!

To download: CLICK ME

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