Watch Television on your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Telivision, a new app released on the AppStore allows you to watch TV on your iPhone/iPod Touch. It has 30 internation channels for you to watch.

It is not actually live TV sadly, but you can watch programs that just ended on live TV on your iPhone/iPod Touch. New content is added everyday.

Here is the full list of channels:


* CNN – Now in the News, In Case You Missed
* CBS – Eye to Eye, Face the Nation
* NBC – Nightly News, Meet the Press
* CNBC – Fast Money
* Comedy Central – Standup Highlights
* VH1 – Celebrity Rehab, The Pickup Artists
* Onion Networkk – All videos
* College Humor TV – All videos
* Digg – Diggnation
* CNET – First Look, Buzz Report
* Discovery Channel – Highlights
* National Geographic – Highlights
* MTV – MTV News, music videos
* NBA – News and match highlights

United Kingdom

* BBC – Highlights from Top Gear, Torchwood, Goodness Gracious, QI
* SKY – Sky News
* ITN – News and Showbizz
* Megawhat – Tech News


* TF1 – Le Journal, Meteo
* M6 – Six Minutes
* BFM – Première Edition
* iTele – iTele News


* RTL – News, Aktuell, Wetter, Exclusiv
* ARD – Tagesschau, Das Wetter
* NDR – Ratgeber Technik
* WDR – Die Sendung mit der Maus, Käptn Blaubär
* ZDF – Heute, Wetten Dass Backstage, Aktuelle Sportstudio



To download: CLICK ME

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