Early Test Show Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer

There has always been abit of worry about whether or not cellphones cause brain cancer or not and until now it hadn’t been proven.

The preliminary test about this matter carried out by Israeli scientist working for a company called Interphone show that a cellphone user is 50% more likely to have brain cancer than a non cellphone user.

They are not the only tests that have aquired such results. Test in Scandinavia and the UK have also revealed that after 10 years of having a cellphone, you are 40& more likely to get brain cancer than a non user.

As I said, these are the preliminary tests so not all is known yet. We shall see whether or not it is true when more test are carried out.

Source: Popsci

One Response to “Early Test Show Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer”

  1. fahmimahat Says:

    perhaps one should test on himself. I would suggest logging his brain result activities for a whole week with and without cellphone. that would bring out something useful, if you dont want to wait for the whole 10/20 years of knowing which phone are cancerous, i.e Nokia > S.E or vice versa.

    p/s: already experienced 3 days without the direct contact with my cellphone, and my brain thinking flow is slower. perhaps the cellphone wave accelerates the impulse firing&reacting rate.LOL

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