Black Silk PSP Theme for 5.00m33

A PSP theme called Black Silk has been released for 5.00m33.


CTF only!

To download: CLICK ME

What the text on the image says:

Now, to complete my favorite dhappy themes, i present to you black silk.
this version includes all icons, but i have to reduce its quality, well it is still
acceptable and you won’t even notice the difference. the theme started losing icons
just when i added the psn icons. so i did few icon redirections here.
in fact the subicons under settings use only one focused icon.
but there are known issues when using icon redirection. icons will start to
disappear when you switch from custom theme/wallpaper to original/classic and vice versa.
there is but one way to fix the problem, you got to scroll back all the way up
to the reboot icon(you need not to reboot!!!). and all the way up to online help icon
if you lose icons under network.

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