dMono v2 for 5.00m33 + 5.00GEN-a

A PSP theme called dMono v2 has been released for 5.00m33 AND NOW FOR 5.00GEN-A!


CTF only!

To download for 5.00m33: CLICK ME

To download for 5.00GEN-a: CLICK ME


dMONO v2 for 5.00 M33

Release notes:

– This theme was originally created by dHappy for 4.01
– OSK stolen from SchmilK’s frosstyboxxy :3 (hope he won’t kill kenzo)
– opening_plugin.rco and gameboot.pmf (again) stolen from SchmilK to fix issue in my own thingy (he definitely will kill kenzo xD)
– battery made by me
– mainicons and subicons remade by me
– volumebar from Organ Concept (theme will come soon, need to fix some stuff)

Thanks to:

– Dark AleX for M33 custom firmware
– Miriam for GEN firmware (hope 5.02 GEN-A will come soon)
– Zinga Burga for rco editor
– Vegetano1, Schmilk, McCabe, matchung, XanderChaos and so on for finding the offsets
– Davee and Bubbletune for Descrambler
– ibawanzingee, Vegetano1 and DON for beta testing and giving me good feedbacks :3
– ibawanzingee, SchmilK, Vegetano1, matchung, DON and everybody else keeping themes alive
– dHappy and madsoul for the great themes they made
– ibawanzingee for inspirating me with graphical ideas and so on


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