CXMB for 5.02 GEN-a Released

A equivilant to the CXMB plugin has been created for the 5.02 GEN-a. This allows you to use CTF themes on your 5.02 GEN-a CFW.

Here is the original post:

Here it cxmb for 5.02GEN-A but the only thing is u need to update all your themes with the ctf updater

First of all I would recommend you use this version of CXMB as it works with 5.00 themes download it here CXMB3.3A GEN just replace the prx

Here is the CXMB that was released on PSPGEN which needs updated themes and 5.02 OFW prx files. DOWNLOAD HERE

Get EBOOT here and rename it to EBOOT.PBP and put it in the root of the memory stick and run the psardumper to get the 5.02 OFW prx you need. DOWNLOAD EBOOT HERE

And finally here is the Theme updater DOWNLOAD HERE

3 Responses to “CXMB for 5.02 GEN-a Released”

  1. Yet another CFW 5.02 GEN-a « AllTechRelated Says:

    […] plugin for this firmware: CLICK ME Posted in PSP Releases. Tags: 5.02GEN-a, CFW, […]

  2. Mark Says:

    thank you for the information.

  3. egay Says:

    thanks for the information!!! hope you will continue like this guide for those who need this download files for 5.02 gen-A!!!

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