Site Update

Hello readers of AllTechRelated! Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on the situation at AllTechRelated. As the site is still in its infancy, were still trying new things out in order to make the experience as efficient/enjoyable/enriching as possible. You may have noticed the theme change – we think it makes it makes the site look cleaner, while keeping the most important thing at the forefront – the content.

At the top right corner you’ll see some buttons for a few major categories. Clicking these will give you some more sub-categories and in some cases tips and how-to guides. This is where, for example you’ll find the Cydia and Installer Sources List or specific news about your platform of choice.

The rest of the site should be pretty straight forward. While the old design was alright, we thought it was a bit cluttered and detracted from the articles we posted. We do ofcourse welcome your feedback about the new design. Maybe we were wrong and it looked better before? Or is this new one better? Or maybe theres another feature you’d like to see?

Finally, on behalf of everyone who has worked on AllTechRelated, I’d like to thank you all for reading us.

-AllTechRelated Team

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