Windows XP PSP Theme for 5.00m33

A PSP theme that replicates Windows XP has been released for 5.00m33.


CTF only!

To download: CLICK ME

Nothingface420 (Creator)
Dax & Team M33 (Custom Firmware)
Davee & Bubbletune (VSH Descrambler & Slim Colors Patch)
ZingaBurga (RCO Editor)
Poison (CXMB)
Red Squirrel (CTF Manager)
Bleesedhands (PRX Editor)
Xander (CTF Downloader)
Roe-Ur-Boat (Autostart V5)
Highboy (Coldboot Text Replacer/Bootsound Replacer/Wave Injector/WAV to Vag/Vshmain Editor)
Thanks to everyone who found offsets

One Response to “Windows XP PSP Theme for 5.00m33”

  1. tony hp Says:

    thx, i love this theme so much…
    I have been waiting for this..
    thx bro….

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