CSPSP v1.6 Released

A new update of the homebrew shooter game called CSPSP has been released. It is now on version 1.6.

The changelog:

  • Fixed the majority of freezing bugs
  • Removed the 64 maps limit
  • Fixed the bug where all weapons were dropped on death
  • Implemented buyzones
  • Fixed the bug where your own ammo would increase when someone else was buying ammo
  • Added a simple loading bar
  • Implemented a new animation system for players (which also means slightly different player gfx)
  • Added “Overwrite Map” option when your map differs from the server’s.
  • Added bullet speed to the guns config file (sniper rifle bullets are now as default 2x as fast)
  • Added some alert messages when buying (not enough money, buying time ended, etc.)
  • ***Redid most of the Online Lobby; implemented an account system (with friends lists)***


The online portion of this version currently only works on custom firmwares (3.xx). To install, copy the CSPSP folder to your PSP/GAME folder (not PSP/GAME150).

NOTE: CSPSP now accesses the flash of your psp. It only reads (doesn’t write), so it should be fine, but here’s a warning nonetheless.


-make sure to read the README.txt for the server application’s update list

To download the CSPSP game: CLICK ME

To download the CSPSP server v1.2: CLICK ME

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