New PSP Exploit found in Gripshift makes PSP-3000 Hackable

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A expoit has been found inthe PSP game called Gripshift which enables you to be able to hack your PSP 3000 in the near future! This was found by a person called MaTiaZ.

Here is what MaTiaZ said about it:

GripShift has a buffer overflow vulnerability when loading savegames. The savegame contains the profile name which can be easily used to overwrite $ra. The savegame file is pretty big (25kB) so you have lots of space to put your code there. I wrote a simple blob of code to paint the framebuffer completely white (to just indicate that arbitrary code is running ). The return address is located at offset 0xA9 in the file. In this poc it points to 0x08E4CD50 (which is only a few bytes after the return address), and the code starts at 0xCC in the file.

It was tested on 4.01M33-2 with US version of GripShift (ULUS10040), and psplink.prx, usbhostfs.prx and deemerh.prx loaded (also without psplink and usbhostfs). The decrypted savegame (sorry, couldn’t [be bothered to] get Shine’s savegame tool working so it’s in plaintext form) is in the SDDATA.BIN form which Hellcat’s Savegame-Deemer produces (thanks to him, if the program didn’t exist I wouldn’t have bothered with this. ). Just copy the ULUS10040SAVE00 directory to /PSP/SAVEPLAIN/ and run the game. EDIT: yeah, don’t forget to have Savegame-Deemer working, duh.

and here is a video made by Freeplay showing the exploit:

There are two versions of the exploit. The first which is the raw form from MaTiAz, the other one (v2), is a version encrypted by FreePlay. It’s also been confirmed that it will all the way up to the recent CFW 5.02 GEN-A.”

To download version 1: CLICK ME

To download version 2 by Freeplay: CLICK ME

To read more about it: CLICK ME

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