Freecheat Released

A new version of the FreeCheat plugin for PSPs has been released. This plugin allows you to activate hundreds of cheats with a click of a button whilst you are playing a game.

Other uses for the Freecheat plugin,

Even if you’re averse to using cheats, you can still use FreeCheat to read text files, take screenshots, view images, or just connect your PSP to your PC and transfer some files while you’re in the middle of playing a game.

To download: CLICK ME

Features:* Search codes: Very similar to CWCheat,
* Viewer memories: Support HEX, DEC-8bit, 16bit-DEC, 32bit-DEC, ASCII and Float, and five different views can change,
* Activation codes: Support of all codes and other options CWCheat exclusive
* Manager memory: Dump of memory, Crack of the date of backup, patch memory,
* USB: Wherever plugins can be launched
* Text reader: Supports text files with a size of 20 MB or more, and consumes little ram,
* Viewer: Supports BMP, JPG, PNG, DAT, JDT,
* Screenshot: Saves BMP, JPG or PNG choice,
* Video output via RemoteJoy
* Changing keys: Sets several buttons on one, change the assignment of keys, etc …
* Ability to support other prx since plugins,
* Dictionary: No need for us, the French,
* Other: Turn off / pause the PSP, change the game without going through the XMB.

Custom Firmwares Compatibility:

* 3.71 M33-x (use FC371.prx)
* 3.80 M33-x (use FC3xx.prx)
* 3.90 M33-x (use FC3xx.prx)
* 4.01 M33-x (use FC3xx.prx)
* 5.00 M33-x (use FC3xx.prx)

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