Bluesn0w Released – Hack your iPhone’s Bluetooth

The BluesnOw project have released their first version of the bluesnOw application. This application pwns your iPhones bluetooth.

Our team has successfully been able to demonstrate a ‘pwnage’ of the bluetooth chipset allowing anyone to write/implement a fully functional Bluetooth Stack that runs on your iPhone, and this will be our next step.

Here is the released post from the BluesnOw forums:

Hey Guys,

Its update time again!! We have been working around the clock to update and patch the terminal release and prepare for a GUI release. GUI release will be donor only, at least at first. We are hoping to have it out and the repo ready by Friday January 9th for all our donors to access! We hope to eventually release it to the public but we haven’t finalised dates for that event yet.

We though you guys might want to see a sneek preview 1.2 (aka. GUI #1). So here are some screen shots and we will release soon when we feel ready.
The app appearing on the Springboard:

But for now we have a special update for you all: bluesn0w that never fails – lots of people noticed a hang before initialising, and Schmave is happy to say that after countless hours of shouting at his device, altering some code (but mostly yelling, and sometimes pleading) we have produced a binary that works, without fail!
:O !!!

Now that we’ve said that – it hasn’t been tested and it may explode your iPhone, or cause undesired effects: so the usual *free software notice* applies!

We have added the definitive tutorial here for those of you that aren’t very proficient with SSH:

Make sure you have MobileTerminal first before starting (downlandable from Cydia)

1. Download and extract: DOWNLOAD
2. Using winSCP or CyberDuck – ssh into your iPhone and copy bluesn0w-1.1.1 to /var/root/
3. Rename it to just bluesn0w
4. Turn off WiFi, stock Bluetooth and everything from the settings app
5. Move away from all microwaves (yes we tried it – Bluetooth dosen’t work when your heating up last nights dinner : ) )
6. On your iPhone, go to MobileTerminal and type su followed by enter, and type your root password (default is alpine)
7. Type cd /var/root
8. Type chmod 777 bluesn0w
9. Type ./bluesn0w
10. Enjoy!

To download: CLICK ME

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