Macworld 2009 Roundup

Heres a quick roundup of all the new features announced at the slight disappointing Macworld 2009:

  • iLife 09 – Has some cool new features, iPhoto has better integration with flickr/facebook, new face-recognition software. iMovie has a new 3d map making effect, and GarageBand is now offering lessons by famous musicians in how to play instruments. Comes end of January for $79.
  • iWork 09 – Slightly updated but nothing revoluotionary. Also announced, an online version which has potential to be a viable Google Docs competitor.They have brought back the video effects which were missing in previous version of this software. There are 250 new functions available in the Number application and full screen document viewing in Pages. Have also made a iPhone/iPod Touch App to control Keynote presentations over WiFi by flicking through the slides and looking at your notes. Available now for $79.
  • New MacBook Pro 17inch – Apple finally brought the 17inch MacBook Pro into line with the 15inch ones, except with a few upgrades. The battery is non-removeable to maximize the battery’s physical size, meaning Apple is claiming 8 hours of battery life. Also accepts up to 8gb of RAM which is very intersting, and shares the same dual graphics solution that the other ‘Pros do. Comes end of January, starting at $2799 with 4gb of RAM, 320gb HDD, with both a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and a 9600M GT with 512MB.
  • iTunes – 2/3rds of the catalogue is now DRM-Free, and iTunes will be completly DRM-Free soon this year. Apple also introduces a new variable pricing scheme, where prices can be $0.69,$0.99 or $1.29. Users can pay to upgrade their entire iTunes library to DRM-Free music as well. iPhone users can also download songs over the air now, as oppose to only over WiFi.

Contrary to rumour, we didn’t see an updated Mac Mini (come on Apple, what’re you doing with it…?), an iPhone Nano or anything else revoloutionary but Phil did quite a good job considering he was following in Steve Job’s shoes.

Apple have posted the QuickTime video streams from the Keynote. You can view it HERE.

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