Microsoft Lift Windows 7 Beta Download Limit

Have you downloaded the new Windows 7 beta? It’s for free and is a wonderful OS. Originally, Microsoft was only going to allow 2.5 million downloads of the beta but have lifted if.

The reason for this is that they screwed up. They didn’t anticipate the amount of people who would want to download the OS and had many server fails causing many people to not be able to download it.

Here is what Microsoft said about it:

Due to an enormous surge in demand, the download experience was not ideal so we listened and took the necessary steps to ensure a good experience. We have clearly heard that many of you want to check out the Windows 7 Beta and, as a result, we have decided remove the initial 2.5 million limit on the public beta for the next two weeks (thru January 24th). During that time you will have access to the beta even if the download number exceeds the 2.5 million unit limit.

They will now have unlimited downloads until the 24th of January. Get your copy now from HERE.

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