How to Get Alphanumeric Passwork for your iPhone/iPod Touch

Here is a cool guide I found on how to get alphanumeric (number and letter) password on your iPhone/iPod Touch instead of the simple 4 number one. You don’t even need a jailbroken (hacked) iPhone/iPod Touch!


This works on both MACS and WINDOWS however the screenshots in the guide are on a Mac but it is exactly the same on Windows.

Here is the guide:
Open the program up.

Create a new configuration profile, and configure it how you would like your iphone to be configured. All i wanted to do to mine was allow the use of the keyboard for unlocking, so thats all i did. You can do much more. after configuration, share the configurated file to yourself via email. Open the attached file on your iphone and you should get a screen like this

Install profile and you will be taken to your new passcode creation station!
You can remove any installed profiles in settings.

To download: MACS
To download: WINDOWS

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