PSP 3000 Now Running CFW 5.02GEN-a

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Thats right, you read right. PSP GEN have managed to custom firmware on a PSP-3000 using the GripShift exploit that was found a few days ago.

This allows you be able to run homebrew applications, play game backups etc. They however are not releasing it yet, only when they find a second kernel exploit.

Video showing the hack happening: HERE

“HEN” is short for “Homebrew ENabler” and is basically the core of every custom firmware, it’s that part that makes all the patches and other magic required to launch homebrew on the PSP.
The big difference of HEN to a custom firmware, as it’s known these days, is that nothing gets written into the PSPs internal flash but everything happens in memory only – this also means it’s gone by the next coldboot and needs to be reapplied through the exploit, but that’s a small price to pay, most will say.
Although the creators of this achievement say it won’t be released to the public until at least a second kernel exploit has been found (due to Sony patching it as soon as the files are released), this definitely puts up high hopes for things to come on the PSP 3000.

Translated version of the announcement: HERE

3 Responses to “PSP 3000 Now Running CFW 5.02GEN-a”

  1. chaar91 Says:

    does it work on firmware 4.20 in psp slim 3000

  2. psp2468 Says:

    No it works on 5.02. But the custom firmware hasn’t actually been released yet. However, you can still run a few homebrew games using the Gripshift exploit:

  3. dragoneon Says:

    a psp kernel exploit ummm
    how about we host a psp server on the net
    that we can access through psp browser
    and somehow make a JavaScript attack on the psp
    forceing it to take the attack and install costom
    frimware aka hen…Simple!!:]

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