3 WiiBrew Media Players – Wii Homebrew

This is post on the QJ forums by IsaacC

Here are some of the best Wiibrew media players I’ve encountered. They all have their share of bugs and limitations, but they also have their bright spots.
First is DragonMedia Player. It supports a number of audio files and playlist types, and can read from the Front SD and USB. Unfortunately it doesn’t have support for video, but at least it’s skinnable.

* Added ay/gbs/gym/hes/kss/nsf/sap/spc/vgm emulated support.
* Sequential/random setting is preserved across skin changes.
* Song highlight preserved across skin changes.
* Fixed crash with usb keyboards and lan adapters.

Download: DragonMedia Player 0.14 Beta

Next is MPlayerWii. Nice audio player, and has some support for video playback. Lags sometimes though.
* fixed screen color depth/banding issues (uses code from dhewg’s mplayer port)
* added progress bar osd display during seek/volume on videos
Download: MPlayerWii v0.06

Last is GeeXboX. Like MPlayerWii, it’s based on the open-source MPlayer for Linux, Windows, and the Mac OS X. It supports all of the audio and video formats that MPlayer does – that includes RMVB. Pretty nice player.

* Implementation of optional ‘vsync’ to improve screen tearing in certain cases
* Support for on-the-fly aspect ratio change
* Fixed DVD-VIDEO aspect ratio error when switching between menu and movie
* Disabling libass to fix lagging and freezing caused by text subtitles
* Disabling colored spu to fix DVD-VIDEO/vobsub subtitile display
* Support for vobsub subtitles in rar archive format
* Support for optionally lowering subtitles into blackbars
* Fixed subtitle charset conversion
* Update to MPlayer r27630

Download: GeeXboX v0.1alpha3

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