iSpoof – Spoof You iPhone’s Number

A new application has been released called iSpoof which allows you to spoof your iPhone’s number causing the reciever of your call to think you are someone else. This is perfect for prank calls :p.This app however, does not only allow you to spoof the number. This app also allows you to spoof your voice and record the call.

Here is the full feature list:

  • Go straight to someone’s Voicemail. Don’t feel like talking to some people? Just leave em’ a message! Their phone never rings, but still shows a missed call from your spoofed Caller ID!
  • Record your calls and replay them straight from your phone. iSpoof also integrates with you Address Book
  • Spoof internationally
  • Spoof DIRECTLY from the app! No call-back needed!
  • Support for iPod Touch, just enter your cell phone number in settings, place a call, and you will receive a ‘call-back’ to your phone. Once you answer, your iSpoof call will be connected!
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with iPhone look and feel
  • Best real-time Voice Changer

You can either download the app from HERE or get it from Cydia (the Sleepers repo)

If you download it, Copy to iPhone and install with dpkg -i).

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